Yurik Riegel A American Artist
Yurik Riegel's imagery speaks of the teachings of the Buddha, David Deida, Ray Kurtzweil, Deepak Chopra, Ekhart Tolle, and many other great thinkers. His art is an intensely emotional two-way conversation about personal transformation, spirituality, the coming technological singularity, and the challenge of saving ourselves from ourselves. It also dares to whisper a positive message --heralding the growing trends of urban tribalism, personal exploration, positive psychology and global connection. His paintings are an up-to-the minute reflection of modern man's struggle to know himself in an age of information and globalization. [from the artist's website]
Dawn of A New Age Mural
Dawn of A New Age Mural, Artist: Yurik Riegel, 787 Brannen near 7th Street, San Francisco, California

He chooses an ancient art --classical oil painting-- as his vehicle of expressing modern cutting edge concepts. He brings back the extreme technical mastery and craftsmanship of the past, with a modern vision imbued with a thoughtfulness and depth not commonly seen in the popular art of today. His innovative use of classical and contemporary elements, mixed media and genres, and occasional performance art, combine to form a fresh, yet sustenance-filled body of work. His artwork is in the collections of spiritual gurus, corporate CEO's, and an olympic gymnastics gold medalist.[from the artist's website]

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